Student study group

Complementary abilities among peers and inheritance the knowledge, make the allocation of teaching resources and ability of training more systematic and solid. Use visionary creativity to gain insights into industry dynamics and social issues. Study group orientation service, YouTube micro-course and consulting team. Use cloud resources and high-end application interfaces to lower the threshold of software and hardware facilities.

Data Science Student Union

Soochow University established the department of Big Data Management in 2015, with a bachelor’s degree program and a master’s degree program. Officially named as the Department of Data Science of Soochow University since 2021. The students organized union autonomously and named “Soochow University Data Science Student Union”. This is the sixth student union since the establishment of this department. The association office is located on the 1st floor of Building H.

Three-in-one elections for student self-government organizations held every year. Candidates for the Student Union’s president and vice president are chosen by qualified students from the sophomore or junior year and elected by the freshman to senior students of the department.

After the election, the chairperson chooses their partner who is suitable to co-work with, such as co-management of events, public relations, secretary, general affairs, etc., and the management the Department together.

The Union of Data Science serves all students in the department, serving as a communication channel, transferring ideas and opinions between students and teachers. At the same time, we also held various academic lectures, recreational activities, and sports competitions. We plan and prepare the event with great enthusiasm to make the department have a more positive attitude and become an indispensable partner for each other. We hope you can join was and become a member in Data Science Department!

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