The goal of the Big Data Management is set with “integration” and “innovation” as the core, base one “practical application” to cultivate data analysis talents with practical experience.
Responding to the Big Data era, The curriculum of this school refers to the practices of well-known foreign universities. Developing course content that combines theory and practice, emphasizes the integration with the industry, and actively introduces industry practitioners to provide more practical course. Hopefully trained students can be seamlessly integrated in employment, thereby providing the industry with immediate human resources.

The courses field is divided into three major directions: information application, marketing management, and financial management for students to choose and develop.

Information application: Software Engineering, information security, digital content, mobile computing, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
Marketing management: Technology marketing, e-commerce, data management, online marketing planning, brand planning, market research analysis, statistical investigation, etc.
Financial management: Financial planning, financial product design, risk management, investment analysis, investment operation.

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School recommendation

  1. All graduates who have attended the same domestic high school and completed each semester of 10th and 11th year.
  2. The total academic average scores and percentage of each semester of 10th and 11th year in high school are in line with university regulations.
  3. Participating in the following exams set by the university department that can be recommended by the school to register with the University Admissions Committee of the Federation of University Admissions Committee.
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