Since Data Science became a development trend, the priority goal of this department is to bring up “Experienced Data Scientists”.

The first educational unit established at the college level in Asia. Promote the industrial and education unit integrate under the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and data science.

Taking “integration” and “innovation” as the core and “practical application” as the orientation, familiar with effective analytical techniques and software. We bring up the both theoretical and practical experience elite.

We corporate with well-knowing business corporations, Students develop forward-looking projects and can gain an understanding of a wide range of complex, sometimes abstract, data structures and to develop algorithms that manipulate their data. After graduation can become the in-time data analysis personnel.

  • If you are willing to understand hardware, code writing, mathematical logic and system development to become a top engineer, you will have the ability to develop large system and application software, Computer Science & Information Engineering is your choice.
  •  If you are willing to take business management court, understand more about business and system application and help business organization achieve strategy gold, information management department is your best choice.
  • If you are willing to combine program design, mathematics and statistics in cross-domain subjects. Also willing to use effective technology and software to analyze data. Join data science department.
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