Soochow University has been constructing solid foundation of “data analysis” since the past few years, and the establishment of School of Big Data Management will absolutely create the most general benefit through integrating energy and precious practical experience of SCU.

Cooperating with Centre for Big Data Analysis and Research, we target at providing economic and financial business situation, business operation, social policies, regional issues, and information concerning global change with big data analysis, cloud computing system, and research directing to social science integration.

Research Development

Publicly known, “practical use” is the core emphasis of big data research. Our research directions are as below:

Economic and Financial Business Situation

Economic development is the focus of our national development; therefore, collection and analysis on an abundance of information related to market demand, industry dynamics, technique evolution, and environment change will have a powerful impact on the motive for national economic growth and government’s establishment of policies in response to revolutionary world change.

Soochow University had embellished with solid research foundation on population development, financial engineering, actuarial mathematics, and economic policies, we look forward to being more effective in arranging academically precious resources and attaching teachers with the expertise of globalization, internationalization, and economic development to reach a deeper understanding of these worth-exploration fields.

Besides, the economic threat and financial risk from mainland China is an inevitable issue for Taiwan. Soochow University has had significant research foundation on fields of political economy, law and finance, risk assessment and evaluation, and enterprise accounting, etc. With glittering establishment of the School of Big Data, it is strongly believed to be accelerating and magnifying the integrating process and result.

Finance and Risk Management

Internationally significant financial supervision organization, Bank for International Settlements(BIS), successively established three versions of Basel Accord, setting vital standard for finance and risk management, and which is exactly the major reason for the prosperity of financial risk management. Besides, Taiwan is one of the Asian countries struggling to sign Basel Accord in the early stages.

Financial organizations, including securities or insurance industries and banks, formulate practical regulations/principles; establish department for risk management; employ experts (e.g. in statistics, etc.) to specifically conduct evaluation, examination, and verification on risk. With all the above advanced developments, Taiwan is in process of shaping a magnificent financial risk management plaform combined with “theory” and “practice”. In the past decades, several professors in our business school have received financial risk management projects from industries, government, and academia; these risk management projects range from construction for operating system, data analysis, and policies consultation.

Also having a close partnership with Taiwan Credit Rating Association, we were reaching out hands to conduct financial risk evaluation between China and Taiwan.

Furthermore, Soochow University is also the first university in Taiwan establishing risk management research center in cooperation with China universities.

In positive matter, the research achievements of School of Big Data Management are bound to push Taiwan finance industry toward unprecedented prosperity with adequate internal and external stimulus. For example, from business promotion to customer relationship management, data use in finance and risk management is getting broader than ever because big data use has been increasing by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Besides, government’s and NGO’s efforts to financial risk management (Basel Accord) and the development of RMB Compensation System and China-Taiwan Featured Finance creates Taiwan an finance environment with advantages .

Business Operation

With the rapid change of society, the information demand for business management is gradually increasing at the same time.

When undertaking plan for resource arrangement, business is supposed to get deeper to record and analyze every item concerning trade and management, and to connect or integrate in-time external information in order to achieve extended Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR).

These business goals will benefit a business to further structure business intelligence (BI) or decision support systems (DSS) with assistance from present cloud computing, big data analysis, and knowledge management. We will conduct analysis research on several issues such as economic system, global trade, competitive mode, risk management, trade type, and customer relationship management, etc.

For example, Soochow University first engages profound and extensive analysis on Cultural and Creative Industry, which is one of the essentially potential emerging industries in Taiwan. In this specific case, the analysis combination of “quantity” and “quality” plus integrating research on “words”, “numbers”, and “image data” are absolutely the feature for big data research.

The other example is analysis to the problems related to industrial supply chain, which would be the soft power of industrial competitiveness. Fruits have been harvested thanks to our eminent professors’ research dedication to the relationship between industrial supply chain and business risk. In the upcoming bright days, in cooperation with our remarkable and experienced alumnus, the School of Big Data Management will become one of the most brilliant contributors to Taiwan industries.

Social Policy

Low birth rate, aging population, labor care, youth employment, education policies, and changes in social environment are gradually becoming much more serious issues for our country. However, if institutes concerned cannot make strategic responses to the consequent effects of the impact resulting from their policies, this might cause its policies to become ineffectual, or consequently their policies become insufficient to meet the demands of the moment. Therefore, while unemployment, low birth rates and elder population issues gradually exacerbate, an important theme for our research center is the question of how to come up with policies that help solve such crises, through novel methods such as business relating to social development or civilian banking industries, etc. At the same time, examples of similar social policies and data would be provided accordingly, to be used as reference in the policy making process.

Cloud Application on Health Management

The Cloud Operating System can statistically analyze its customers’ mind/health condition according to their personal info data, whether regularly or non-regularly sending info through its App system, including analysis reports, health check up records and health reminders, advising the customer to visit the hospital for a check up. The system software would provide such functions as meal plans, work out plans, health services etc., so that the customer can receive real time health tips . The main benefits of Cloud Health Management and Big Data Analysis are its innovations in designing a software for Health Management, supplying instant reading transmissions and optimized speed efficiency, simultaneously having a “fitness” function and a “check up” function, so that immediately after taking a reading, the collected data would be stored inside an information vault for “analysis management”. Also, “Clean begins at the source, Health is a wide initiative”, through the promotion of health management, by extending its reach to communities, schools and all corners of society, especially remote areas, if health management can be practically integrated, as well as establishing a comprehensive and methodical health system management process in order to raise awareness on health maintenance and lowering the risk of accidents, then we are closer to the government’s idea for their initiative for a 100% health management consciousness. Lastly, reconstructing the health management structural mode, lowering individual out of pocket costs, sharing resources, integrating and development personal health management strategies and promoting health maintenance; through this, by insisting upon personal health management, in turn inspiring the population to apply creative ways to incorporate personal health management into their lives, all this is highly beneficial to Taiwan’s international brand name reputation in terms of health management.

Internet Advertise

Online marketing is heading toward the age of customization on the basis of behavior analysis. Data scientists apply “big data” to inform advertisers of the right time, the right user, and the right information to be released, and which just right meets advertisers’ demand. Not only big data users but complete and immediate information are created in social networks. At the same time, social networks keep track of target users’ emotion, having full information control of the users by extensively gathering and analyzing these informative messages; then providing those brand business or online-marketing companies in need of these precious messages to create much more profitable market value.

Urban Intelligence

The research subject of our Department will fulfill the special requirements for social welfare projects under the management of our government agencies. An example would be the option functions for health insurance, we will also help citizens decide from among the many insurance plans the appropriate health benefit plan and the tax exemption amount, health treatment and human resource services options etc. When urban intelligence is on full capacity in a city, “There are no visible policemen in the city, but when a civilian needs help, a policeman will immediately appear to assist the person.” the city government will build a center for organizing intelligence, as if in a Situation Room. Next, when the city government sets up a surveillance camera at 50 cross streets, as a suspicious vehicle is detected, the GPS will immediately pinpoint and transmit its location. The Surveillance center will at once follow the route of the suspicious vehicle, while simultaneously connecting to law enforcement and the vehicle theft record system to undergo identification.

Career Development

As more importance is being attached to Big Data analysis, companies and organization are in urgent need for new technical skills, new viewpoints and new personnel. As the research report by the The McKinsey Center for Global Resarch has shown, there are 140-190 thousand persons needs who have in depth analysis skills, as well as 1.5 million management personnel who are well versed in reading data just in America alone. America’s Fortune Magazine as found that under the disastrous state of unemployment in the U.S., data scientists have become a widely sought after role in companies. The students that our school has trained are about to be put to use in various professional fields such as 1.) Manufacturing, 2.) Construction, 3.) Natural Resources, 4.) Computer and Electronic Products, 5.) Wholesale Trade, 6.) Information Property, 7.) Real Estate, 8.) Transportation and Storage, 9.) Retail Trade, 10.) Hotel and Restaurant Service, 11.) Leisure and Entertainment, 12.) Finance and Insurance, 13.) General Business Management, 14.) Government, 15.) Education, 16.) Health Benefits and Social Welfare, 17.) Public Service, 18.) Non-Profit Organizations.

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