Hu, Hsiao-Wei (Camille)

Associate Professor
Office: H307-2, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 5947
Database Management System , Big Data Mining , Social Network Mining , Business Intelligence

Cheng, Chiang-Yu

Assistant Professor
Office: H307-4, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 5945 (LINE: misccy、Wechat: advlive99)
Web & Mobile Traffic Analytics, IoT Programming and Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Business Model Planning in Big Data

Yeh, Hsiang-Yuan (Richard)

Assistant Professor
Office: H307-1, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 5948
Machine learning, Data Mining, Bio-Medical Informatics, Scientific Inference Systems

Huang, Fu-Ming

Assistant Professor
Office: H307-3, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 5946
Data Analytics, Combinatorial Optimization, Machine Learning, Informational City, Educational Technology

Lu, Ming-Ying

Assistant Professor
Office: Q212, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 6513
Marketing, Data Mining, Behavioral analytics, Transportation Management, Application of Big Data in Business

Ting, Te-Tien

Assistant Professor
Office: Q104, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 6501
Social capital, Social network analysis, Psychiatric epidemiology, Substance use, Adolescent health, Geriatric medicine

Wu, Jheng-Long

Assistant Professor
Office: D0213, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 6393
Text Mining, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Sentiment Computing, Stock Market Prediction, Natural Language Processing

Lee, Chia-Jung

Assistant Professor
Office: D0214, Waishuanghsi Campus
Ext.: 6394
Machine Learning, Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science, Big Data Analytics

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