In order to cultivate targeted personnel, we have hunger for coordination of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and active engagement from industrial fields.Our curriculum arrangement for students is based on three main objectives: “Data Analysis”, “IT Tools Application”, and “Big Data Application.”

Firstly, for “Data Analysis”, we provide data science courses and big data courses, stressing on students’ ability to estimate future environment through strategically interpreting “data” to “information”.

Secondly, for “IT Tools Application”, we strive to enhance students’ “data-analysis skill” and possess students with “data visualization capability” by making them familiar with statistic IT tools (e.g. SAS and R).

At last, for “Big Data Application”, students are provided opportunities to conduct case study specifically focusing on natural science, social science, or business management field(choose one from the three fields) to accumulate practical experience in a specific professional field.      

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