Brief Introduction to School of Big Data Management
Founded Time: 2015
Enrollment in 2015 Academic Year for Bachelor Degree Program:
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Overview of School of Big Data Management and Program of Big Data Analysis:
24 hours a day; 365 days a year. In the digital world where people have at least one mobile phone, computers and the Internet are everywhere around, and myriads of diverse data are produced and transmitted by these technological devices every minute and every moment.The trend of “big data” is overwhelming, and the Big Data era will definitely dominate the world in the next one or two decades.

What is the requirement of business for personnel capabilities when Big Data Era comes?
In concise matter, business requirements for data-personnel include capabilities of analyzing product and market and business intelligence, etc. “Analyzing product and market” is majorly about realizing the developing condition of business; “business intelligence”, about analyzing and arranging all the data possessed by business and to assist business in deciding business management policies by finding out effective information among these data. Consequently, “Data Scientists” who have abilities to master and correctly interpret data will become the most desired personnel in society. Because the relationship between Data Scientists and business affair is getting closer than ever, the requirement of data for instantaneity, accuracy, and profundity will be drastically important. Besides, a professional data analyst should be familiar with effective analyzing techniques and software, and have capacity for handling and doing profound analysis on big data.

“Every decade, there are a handful of books that change the way you look at everything.” It is a book review for “Big Data”, a commerce-technological bestseller, given by a professor at Harvard Law School, declaring the rising of the new Big Data Era ,everthing is dominated by data. With the universal of the Internet and development of cloud computing, acquirement and analysis of big data bring people a brand-new way of thinking, subverting realization and operating mode in many fields from e-commerce, social life, public administration, health and medical care, to education. This extensive concept from Data Mining focuses not on improvement in analyzing techniques but on profound information contained in big data itself and providing people new interpretation and prediction ability of every phenomenon.

Having insight in the trend, targeting future, coordinating across departments and colleges, Soochow University pioneers to found “School of Big Data Management” to cultivate big data specialist satisfying business requirements. Expecting to be the national big data specialist-training base, we seamlessly aim at training talented students and satisfying business practical need.
The School of Big Data Management is practice-oriented, centering on two core principles: “integration” and “innovation”. Our curriculums are based on some foreign prestigious colleges. We earnestly design our curriculums focusing on both theory and practice, stressing the combination with practical fields. In addition, we actively invite teachers serving in practical fields to give more practice-oriented lectures, expecting our trained students have instant competitiveness in job hunting.
Curriculum Features of Bachelor Degree Program are below:
1.School common required courses are asked to be taken in freshman and sophomore year.
2.Optional courses are provided in sophomore year.
3.Practical courses are arranged in junior and senior year,we will Inviting teachers from various practical fields.
4.Working on integrative case study in senior year.

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