Entry Qualifications
1.Our program is open to all students current studying at our school, though it is subject to the terms of the annual school regulations.
2.Current students of our school must submit their application for our program within the time limit.
3.Prospective undergraduate applicants of our program can submit their application as early as 2nd semester of their sophomore year, and should submit their application by 2nd semester of their senior year (2nd semester of the fifth year for law school students) at the very latest. The application should be submitted to the Student Administration office during the allotted time.
Application Procedure and Dates
1.The 104th annual school year program application dates are from May 4th 2015 (year 104 ROC) until May 7th 2015.
2.Students who meet the entry qualifications shall submit copies of the program's Application form, school transcripts (school grade reports), certification of the percentile in their university grade ranking, an autobiography (personal statement) and other certified documents which benefit the application. The application should be submitted to the office of Registration Division,office of Academic Division for registration, according to the time specified by the school calendar.
3.After the office of Academic Division collects the comprehensive application material, it will sent to the respective program of our school for review for admission purposes.
Selection Process
1.Our program will review all the corresponding documents (including transcripts, the percentile ranking from the preceding semester, the autobiography and other certifications which benefit the application) and appraise accordingly, and will determine the admittance list based on the ranking of grades from high to low.
2.The office of the respective program will provide the list of admitted applicants to the Academic Division office, who will bulletin the list in both school districts as well as our website.
Upon completion of study for all the accredited courses as with passing grades for the above, the school will issue a Certificate for Big Data Analysis credited Program.

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